21 August 2017

Eclipse 2017

Totality, Bon Secours St. Francis Hospital, Charleston, SC    
What a fun day! After all the build up we had so many clouds and rolls of thunder I wasn't sure if we would see anything at all, but we did. The glasses worked and the image was exactly as it was supposed to be. It was a pure delight. We set a few chairs out in front of the hospital and enjoyed the show.

I didn't worry about taking pictures of the actual event but enjoyed the camaraderie and awesome display of nature. The picture above was a cell phone shot during totality and it didn't get as dark as I thought it might but was certainly impressive. What great fun. Can we do it again tomorrow?

20 August 2017

Church Photo in Lieu of Attendance - Jekyll Island, GA

Faith Chapel, Jekyll Island, GA
I was on the road this weekend and a bit worried about it considering all the ominous traffic warnings as folks head to eclipse viewing territory. We aimed for Brunswick, St. Simon's and Jekyll Island on the coast of Georgia. It was all new territory for me so I was in my glory. I never tire of seeing new sights.

This Sunday's Church Photo in Lieu of Attendance is the sweet Faith Chapel on Jekyll Island.
Jekyll Island is a small barrier island on the southeast coast of Georgia. It was purchased in 1886 by a group of wealthy industrialists (including J.P. Morgan, William K. Vanderbilt, William Rockefeller, and Marshall Field) and developed into the Jekyll Island Club, a private winter retreat. A clubhouse was completed in 1888, and members built 'cottages' the size of mansions nearby. 
With all the growth on the island, the members needed a place to worship. A chapel was built, but quickly outgrown; Faith Chapel was completed in time for the 1904 resort season.
The chapel's Gothic-influenced design, exterior gargoyles, luxurious carpeting, and rich stained wood interior are enough to impress. But the west wall, on the chapel's front, features a rare treasure. The stained glass window on this wall was designed, installed, and signed by Louis Comfort Tiffany, reportedly one of only five such pieces known to exist.
Luckily we found smooth sailing all the way with no traffic issues at all. We met with friends, had lunch on Jekyll Island, dinner on Brunswick Island and had a lovely water front walk along St. Simon's.

18 August 2017

Follow Lizard Man's advice, protect your eyes

Lizard Man, Charleston, SC    
We had as much fun as you can with a $19 Lizard Man costume at our Pre-Eclipse party today. The city is in a frenzy. We ended the week with a quick break for music, pop-sickles, moon pies and a Lizard Man photo op. There are already reports of heavy traffic but I hope most of our visitors have arrived in time to enjoy the weekend in warm, muggy Charleston. 

I for one have had a hard time getting my 10,000 steps in in this heat. Puff, pant. 7,600 steps will have to do. 

17 August 2017

My eclipse kit

Eclipse kit, Charleston, SC   
The word in the swamp is that there may be sightings of Lizard Man during the upcoming solar unrest. I have my Eclipse Kit ready.

16 August 2017

Mail call!

Salters, SC    
This is an original! Every once and a while I consider doing a series on fun mail boxes and then I forget about it. This one called for a quick turn around for a photo op. Send these folks a letter!

I can't help think of all the excited kids ready for the first day of school in Charleston County tomorrow. I'll be looking forward to all the first day at school photos on Facebook tomorrow. 

15 August 2017

On the road - Florence, SC

Julia Belle's, Florence, SC     
My weekend day trip was to Florence, SC and googling a place for lunch we drove directly to the Florence Farmer's Market and had lunch at Julia Belle's. I was amazed at the size of the Farmer's Market building. It was large enough for cars to drive right through the building and pull up to park under the shed.

Besides the usual produce in the building there was another huge structure with antiques and thrift items so big that it was divided into sections by rooms - living room goods, bedroom furniture and so on. Sadly for me, my house is tiny and if I bring home anything new, something old must go.

We made a stop in the historic area that is under renovation and admired the shops and Hotel Florence but not for long. The skies opened and rain put a stop to our downtown exploration. Thanks for a nice visit Florence!

14 August 2017

On the road - April's Playhouse

April's Playhouse, Florence, SC   
It's called Charleston Daily Photo but some days ya just have to get out of town. This was from Saturday's road trip to Florence, SC. My friend Rosie was driving and I knew I had seen this little structure when I had briefly been at McLeod Regional Medical Center at a workshop. With my confused directions we kept circling the medical facilities in the rain until I spotted it. What a cutie.

13 August 2017

Church Photo in Lieu of Attendance - Salt Spring Island

Paul's Church, Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada
This evening's Church Photo in Lieu of Attendance is a quick shot from my recent trip to Salt Spring Island off the coast of western Canada. Before I travel I always take a look at Google images for an area so I had my eye out for it. It was built around 1880 by Father Donckele, the first Roman Catholic missionary to the Gulf Islands and was built by Hawaiian laborers. The materials were brought in by canoe  and then ox drawn carts. 
Kanakas, men from Hawaii, came to British Columbia around the year 1850, mainly as labourers for the Hudson’s Bay Company at Fort Victoria. Some of these pioneers settled on Portland, Russell and Coal Islands but the largest group chose south Salt Spring where they farmed, fished and logged. Many married native women and their children attended Beaver Point and Isabella Point Schools. They held Hawaiian luaus on Fulford Harbour beaches. They helped build St. Paul’s Church and members of several Kanaka families were buried in the cemetery. Some descendants still live on Salt Spring.

I wish I had spent a little more time exploring the tombs because the cemetery website lists this interesting inscription: 

Papa Francis William Coffey, Born: Angels Cove, Newfoundland August 29, 1947 Died: Old Monks Farmhouse, Salt Spring Isles October 10, 1998. Mine. Better shop short than fill to the brim. Oversharpen the blade and the edge will soon blunt. Amass a store of gold and jade and no one can protect it. Claim wealth and titles and disaster will follow. Retire when the work is done. This is the way to heaven.