11 April 2009

UFO Welcome Station

UFO Welcome Center, Bowman, SC

Things are looking pretty sad at the UFO Welcome Station in Bowman, SC. I took the top picture in 2004 and the follow up this afternoon. Most of the fencing is missing, loose sheets of metal blow in the wind and the ramp is at half mast. Jody Pendarvis once gave me the royal tour, lowered the ramp and let me climb the ladder to peak at his private quarters in the upper level space ship. Not everyone can say that they've been in a space ship's private quarters.

I try to circle the block if I happen to be going through Bowman and the situation today looks pretty pitiful. I wonder if Trident United Way would accept it as a Day of Caring project. Do you think Habitat for Humanity would work on a spaceship? Does anyone know if something has happened to Jody or if it simply became too much to keep up?

When the aliens do land they are not going to be happy at the state of the official UFO Welcome Station. It is the only real cool and quirky thing in Bowman. I wish the town would adopt it, maintain it and make it a museum.